Saibus Research is an independent research firm that specializes in managing risk for energy investors. We deliver unbiased fundamental data, risk assessments, projections, valuations, and research reports to investors for companies in the energy sector. 

Our products are designed for quick but thorough information, supplying data we believe are most useful for market participants who wish to ignore the noise and deviate from the herd as they discern value from the details and allocate resources to the individual, regardless of the overall sentiment of the collective.


Our proprietary 5/4 Research Methodology measures total business risk, evaluates both market and analyst sentiments, and estimates intrinsic value from multiple perspectives. The name “5/4” corresponds to the Five Elements defining business risk and the Four Components of intrinsic value.

The 5/4 methodology was developed to produce exhaustive, far-reaching business analysis meant to support all of our client’s portfolio management decisions, encompassing strategic allocation, trade execution, and monitoring.  

Saibus Methodology

The Five Elements: Creditworthiness, Efficiency, Profitability, Inherent Stability, and Future Prospects define the Five Elements. 46 quantitative and qualitative factors spread among 11 factor groups are used to grasp the company’s history and establish a rough index of its future. Analyses of the Five Elements are thorough, with appraisals expected to remain unchanged for at least a year. Absolute quantitative standards and analyst judgment provide guidance on grading each factor, factor group, and risk element from 1 to 5 in ascending levels of risk, as presented below.