Saibus Research is an independent research firm that specializes in managing risk for energy investors. We deliver unbiased fundamental data, risk assessments, projections, valuations, and research reports to investors on companies in the energy sector. 

Our products are designed for quick and thorough information, supplying data we believe are most useful for market participants who wish to ignore the noise as they discern value from the details.



Since we are independent, we do not make any commissions off of your trades. We do not have soft dollar arrangements with any brokerage firms and we have no desire to pursue any at all. 


Our Equity Reports soar beyond the typical research solution. We include everything you need to consider the potential risk and reward of any investment in the equity sector, giving you the Five Elements of risk, the Four Components of value, and a diverse lineup of fundamental statistics and market data to support sound, deliberate decisions. Our products are equipped with reliable and actionable information to empower your capital allocation needs.


A highly disciplined process guides our investment research. We accentuate thoroughness and accuracy in our data collection. We process all the financial information including calculating all financial ratios and other fundamental indicators with speed and efficiency. Our risk assessment is systematic, adhering to strict absolute standards. Our models put great emphasis on conservative and realistic inputs.

Because here at Saibus Research, we know accurate, historical information and a tempered outlook of an uncertain future are critical for a successful and lucrative investment.  Just like you, we are value investors who are interested in the long term outlook.