The Bank of Kentucky Financial Corporation (BKYF) is a bank holding company dominant in the Kentucky and Cincinnati geographic markets. The bank holds $1.7 billion in assets on its balance sheet and is continuously expanding its services provided to customers. A regional focus allows it to establish strong relationships with local customers and businesses, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of lending. During the third quarter the bank recorded an increase in net income available to common shareholders by 5% from the same period last year. During times of increased government regulations on the banking industry, Bank of Kentucky’s stable operations seem poised for future success.

The location of its headquarters in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, has played a large role in continued expansion. Cincinnati’s Northern Kentucky suburbs have had high population growth and Crestview Hills has the highest per-capita income in the state of Kentucky outside of the Louisville/Jefferson County suburbs. Boone Country, located not far from Crestview Hills, has experienced a 38% population growth over the past decade. Bank of Kentucky’s geographic location is creating an expansion of its market.

The bank operates through thirty three different locations and fifty five ATMs. It has a reputation for maintaining strong customer relationships to whom various services are provided. President and CEO Robert Zapp stated during the earnings call, “[We] have focused on expanding existing customer relationships by selling investment services and additional bank products and services.” Bank of Kentucky is looking to further expand the variety of services it provides, increasing its sources of revenue.

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