Last week we released two new reports, one on State Street and the other on Check Point Software, both after their earnings. We keep both in our portfolio and we added to our State Street position as we think it is undervalued and a good defensive financial play.  Other reports last week included one on MREITS which are still continuing strong and a full plate of articles on the Telecoms. See below for links.

Wisconsin Energy Corporation (WEC)

Last month, we analyzed and evaluated Exelon Corporation (EXC) versus Wisconsin Energy Corporation (WEC), one of our portfolio holdings and the only utility that we have a position in. We analyzed Wisconsin Energy versus Exelon as Exelon is one of the largest diversified utility companies in the world and because its headquarters and legacy business unit, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), is 90 miles south of Wisconsin Energy’s headquarters. READ MORE

MREITS: CYS Investments (CYS) , American Mortgage Capital (MTGE), American Mortgage Agency (AGNC)

We published our research on CYS Investments (Cypress Sharpridge Investments, Inc: CYS) after it went ex-dividend. We were surprised that the company issued a secondary public offering of stock recently due to the fact that it has a small estimated market premium to book value, especially in relationship to two of our favorite mREITs (American Mortgage Capital:MTGE, and American Mortgage Agency: AGNC). READ MORE

State Street Corporation (STT): FULL STOCK REPORT HERE

We previously published our investment research report series recommending State Street Corporation (STT). We were pleased to see that the company was able to show progress in reducing its cost base and believe that once the market sees less volatility, then the company will begin to enjoy top line growth.  READ MORE


Check Point (CHKP) is an industry leading developer, marketer and supporter of software and hardware products and services for information technology security applications worldwide.  CHKP provides an extensive portfolio of network and gateway security solutions, data and endpoint security solutions and management solutions. READ MORE

Philip Morris International (PM)

We were pleased to get a positive reception on our previous reports about Philip Morris International (PM). We have held a long position in Philip Morris International since March 31, 1999, when it (and Kraft Foods (KFT)) was both part of the Philip Morris Companies (MO) and we have been pleased with the results of the company and its spin-offs during this time.  READ MORE

TELECOMS: Verizon (VZ), AT&T (T)

Article on Verizon HERE

Article on AT&T HERE

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