Top 5 ideas of the week:

 LPL Financial (LPLA)

We were first acquainted with LPL Financial (LPLA) back in 2003 when we saw an LPL producer at our local bank.  LPL was formed in 1989 by the merger of Boston-based brokerage firm Linsco with San Diego, CA based broker Private Ledger Financial Services group. READ MORE

 Research In Motion (RIMM)

We still find ourselves amused that the name of the BlackBerry vendor is Research In Motion (RIMM). Based on its performance since last year, we believe that the parent company’s name is false advertising, or at least if you have been long RIMM’s stock during that time. READ MORE (AMZN)

We were impressed with the fact that (AMZN) was able to overcome its early history as an overrated, overpriced dot-com and transform itself into the world’s leading internet retailer. READ MORE

 Kraft Foods (KFT)

On Aug. 2, Kraft Foods (KFT) reported its latest quarterly results based on its current structure as a worldwide food products company. We were pleased to see that it continues to exceed consensus analyst expectations, as well as made steady progress in its corporate restructuring. READ MORE

 AT&T (T)

We previously published an article analyzing AT&T’s (T) recent financial performance. We are aware of how the telecom industry’s legacy wireline business is in a mature and declining industry phase, and we are starting to see signs of maturity from the wireless communications segment as well. READ MORE

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