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  CYS Investments (CYS)

Despite the fact that CYS Investments (CYS) cut its dividend by 10% beginning with its Q3 dividend distribution, it is still providing a solid 12% dividend yield to income oriented investors. We are not surprised to see mREITs cutting per share dividend distributions to investors due to the narrowing spreads that the firms are realizing on the mortgage portfolios. READ MORE 

 Lee Enterprises (LEE)

On September 10th, Lee Enterprises (LEE) announced that it had agreed to sell one of its community newspaper publishing companies. Lee entered into an agreement with San Diego real estate developer Doug “Papa Doug” Manchester to sell the Escondido, CA area North County Times to Papa Doug for $12M. READ MORE

 Facebook (FB)

When Facebook (FB) announced its IPO, we had considered investing in the company because of its rapid revenue and profitability growth. We were surprised to hear concerns about Facebook’s ability to monetize its growth, because although its revenue and profit per user were small, the company had over 845M monthly active users of Facebook.  READ MORE

 AT&T (T)

Despite the fact that AT&T (T) was the exclusive home of the iPhone for four years and despite the fact that the iPhone made Ma Bell cool again, AT&T showed its lack of gratitude to Apple for saving it from technological irrelevancy by teaming up with Nokia (NOK) in order to push Nokia’s featured flagship Windows Phone smartphone (the Lumia 900). READ MORE

 Citigroup (C)

Due to the financial crisis in 2008, Citigroup (C) was forced to sell off assets in order to rebuild its capital ratios and to pay down TARP borrowings. On January 13th, 2009, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley (MS) announced that the firms had decided to merge each firm’s brokerage business into a new joint venture called Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC.  READ MORE

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