We still find ourselves amused that the name of the BlackBerry vendor is Research in Motion (RIMM). We think that somewhere around 2011, someone injected a large dose of curare in the company because a more appropriate name for the company would be “Research in Immobility”, or “Research in Regression” or “Research Immobilized” considering RIMM’s rapid revenue declines and swing from profitability to loss.

We are amazed at the tumble the company has taken and we can’t believe that the company is seeing one piece of bad news after another. Even its highly touted network is showing its signs of infallibility. Last October, the company announced a four day network disruption and on Friday September 21st, the company announced another service disruption. The good news is that this disruption only lasted for a couple of hours and was limited to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The bad news is that one of the few remaining selling points for the BlackBerry is its vaunted “network system for enterprise users” and Research in Motion is having a tough time keeping the network in motion. The worse news is that as the iPhone was going on sale in Apple’s (AAPL) store network and its carrier partners, the BlackBerry Network was going out of service.

This really does not bode well for RIMM. Apple sold 5 million of its brand spanking new iPhone 5 devices while Research in Motion couldn’t even keep its network in motion? Apple sells 5 million iPhone 5 devices during its first weekend available for sale and that was a disappointment to the street. In Apple’s defense, the company had gone through significant supply constraints.

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